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Day and Night | 2021-08-25~2021-12-16

Sindoh Art Space opens a group exhibition featuring artworks by four Korean artists: Yoo Geun-taek, Gang Ik-jung, Lee Yun-jin, and Doh Yun-hee. Under the theme Day and Night, which repeat in daily life, the artists aimed to express creativity and unique individuality.

48 Day and Night Yoo Geun-taek, Gang Ik-jung, Lee Yun-jin, Doh Yun-hee 2021-08-25~2021-12-16
47 Heui-sun Pyo’s Solo Exhibition “Sunset and Its Beyond” Heui-sun Pyo 2021-07-07~2021-08-05
46 Kwak Duck-Jun Solo Exhibition Kwak Duck-Jun 2021-04-22~2021-06-24
45 Looking forward to a bright year this 2021 Various 2020-12-09~2021-03-25
44 The Korean Abstract Art Kim Gui-line, Gwak In-sik, You Hee-young, Chung Sang-hwa 2020-08-13~2020-11-26
43 Photo Exhibition Celebrating 60th Anniversary of Sindoh Sindoh 2020-07-06~2020-07-24
42 Iván Navarro Solo Exhibition Iván Navarro 2020-04-17~2020-06-12
41 Heeseung Chung’s Solo Exhibition <COPIER> Heeseung Chung 2020-01-09~2020-03-05
40 Seung Woo Back Solo Exhibition <100% Comments> Seung Woo Back 2019-10-18~2019-12-13
39 Kijong Zin Solo Exhibition <21c Taxidermist> Kijong Zin 2019-08-22~2019-10-15
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