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Heui-sun Pyo’s Solo Exhibition “Sunset and Its Beyond” | 2021-07-07~2021-08-05

Sindoh Art Space opens a solo exhibition titled “Sunset and Its Beyond” by Korean artist Heui-sun Pyo. This is a special invitational exhibition celebrating the 61st anniversary of Sindoh’s foundation. The connection between artist Pyo and the company is special since he worked at Sindoh, for about 35 years from 1980 to 2015. Through the theme “sunset,” the artist after retirement sought to express his sentiment and aesthetics through the time of the day when the sun sets. Though the exhibition opens as an internal event without invitations to guests to prevent the spread of COVID-19, artworks by former Sindoh president-turned-artist Heui-sun Pyo are expected to be regarded as warm greetings and wisdom to the employees at Sindoh.

50 Heui-sun Pyo’s Solo Exhibition “Sunset and Its Beyond” Heui-sun Pyo 2021-07-07~2021-08-05
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